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  America Is Owned By The Crown Temple In London  

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Learn to protect yourself from un-Lawful attacks by corrupt public officials.

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Learn what is really going on in America that is robbing the People of their freedom.

Jack Aiken Lancaster WW2 Veteran

 Attorneys are Crown Temple Agents.

 All attorneys and judges work for the privately owned Crown Temple in London.
All Judges Are Foreign Agents

If your traffic ticket is an infraction you cannot have a jury trial or a court appointed attorney.

They cannot put you in jail for an infraction.

Learn To Go Into Court Sui Juris And Not As A Ward

The traffic court is a color-of-law court under the Admiralty Law.

Admiralty Law means the judge has the power of an admiral on a ship.

An Admiral on a ship  has the powers of a god. Life and death power.

You have no rights in his court,only privileges.

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Attorneys Are Foreign Agents

You always have the right to bargain with the judge. It is called a plea bargain.

If you are too poor to pay the fine you should tell the judge that you cannot pay the fine

and that you have mitigating circumstances.

If you bargain well you will pay less or no money.

The US Legal System Is Privately Owned

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